Medical Centres

ExperHealth offers the best solutions for healthcare facilities including medical centers that serve as a telemedicine clinic so that your healthcare customers can contact and approach doctors and clinicians through this online platform. This cloud-based software can let the clinicians manage the patient payment record to manage and supervise the business efficiently.

Our innovative solutions help medical centers generate monthly or annual income reports. All of the ACC activities can be carried out digitally. Our software solutions can also let clinicians deal with the consent of letters and provide digital note signing opportunities.

  • Easily Accessible Clinic
  • Screen Sharing
  • Easy Login
  • Unlimited Readability

ExperHealth provides the following prominent features to Medical Centers:

ExperHealth provides the following prominent features to Medical Centers:

  • With ExperHealth, clinicians can maintain large-sized data through a cloud-based management system that can let users enable digital systems to organize their daily tasks efficiently.
  • ExperHealth’s Cloud-Based Software for Medical Centers also lets the clinicians run an online website that acts as a digital clinic to assist patients and customers.
  • This Cloud-based software can help medical centers in the onsite management of clinics, triage support and roster.
  • With the cloud-based software by ExperHealth, clinicians can generate daily, monthly or annual income cash and electronic reports, consent letters of the patients, digital signing of documents, and much more.
  • The Cloud-based system can be accessed from varied locations letting the users conveniently sign in and carry out the important functions.
  • All the trainee prescriptions in a medical center are first checked and confirmed by the supervisor and senior clinicians.
  • Our cloud-based software helps medical centers to establish a secure and confidential patient record that can only be accessed by a login and password.
  • The cloud-based software for ExperHealth manages all the staff details and incorporates SMS service to ensure timely delivery.

Manage the Patients Data

Clinicians can easily import comprehensive patient data into the cloud system. Interestingly, our software can be accessed and used from any location and device. Our cloud-based software can also generate automatic ad-hoc reports with a piece of detailed information.

The software comes with end-to-end encryption and has a two-factor authorization process. This ensures that the patients' data is not available to hackers and only users with an authorized login and password can access the data.

  • Classify all the patient’s data
  • Save Information
  • Keep a detailed record

Use Appointment Reminders with a Paperless Environment

Our cloud-based software lets clinicians manage appointment scheduling, meetings, patients visit, and trainee attendance, all with a simple software. No need to write down everything. You only need to follow an automated SMS Service to not miss out on any appointment.

  • No need to make copies
  • Easily Accessible
  • Send automated SMS to clients and employees

Allied Health Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Social Services, Home

ExperHealth keeps everything smoothly in just a single place. It lets the patients develop a cloud-based system for the functioning of Allied Health Physiotherapy. All you need is a stable internet connection to easily manage all your transactions.

You can efficiently administer all your work without the need of having an entire office working for it. Ultimately, this cloud-based system can save lots of costs and is a perfect business strategy to improve your digital system.

Online Management Made Easier with ExperHealth

ExperHealth’s solutions let you manage all your allied health physiotherapy records by rendering you a platform that allows you to:

  • Keep track of your patients’ activities
  • Enable bookings
  • Safely Login from Any Device
  • Communicate easily with your client
  • Get SMS Service
  • Manage All Records
  • Log in and access the software from anywhere

Easy to Use

Clinicians don’t require vast knowledge to operate this software efficiently. Anyone with a primary education of the software can use this highly credible software. It comes with a friendly and creative interface and doesn’t require any technical expertise.

  • Manage All the Activities
  • Friendly and Easy to Understand Interface
  • Access the Software from Any Device

Disaster Recovery

All of the transactions are authorized and traced each time one occurs. In case any of the data is lost, our custom-made software can guarantee a commercial permanency ability and is highly available.

  • Recover Lost Data
  • Adequate Storage Area

Community Service for Non-Government Organization

ExperHealth lets users use Online Forms for free data entry and job certifications, thus eliminating the need to call for interviews in your office. With our cloud-based software, users can easily manage all the activities of their non-government organization.

Clinicians and hospital management can collect funds for the welfare of the public and play their role in community services. ExperHealth allows clinicians through this cloud-based software to virtually serve society.

Help the Community

With the exceptional cloud-based software by Experhealth, users can enjoy the following features:

  • Manage the patient's details and data
  • Get alerts for online forms for job openings
  • Collect Funds
  • Drive Online Campaigns

Specialist Clinics

In need of special therapy by an expert physician? We’ve got you. The cloud-based software by ExperHealth also hosts a number of specialist clinics that you can ideally benefit from. You no longer have to visit specialists to get a complete checkup. This online-based software helps the patients to get an extensive diagnosis report and treatment without putting in any effort.

Clinicians can also manage the patient's record online. Specialists can access the login portal and can treat as many patients as they want, providing them with a virtual clinic environment. No need to interact with anyone personally as this cloud-based software offers a safe and secure environment to carry out specialist treatments.

No Need to Visit in-Person

With the cloud-based software that we’ve come up with for your ease, you are subject to the following benefits:

  • No more tiring physical interactions
  • Manage everything online from the comfort of your home
  • Use online forms to keep track of activities
  • Make your appointment with a specialist with a single click
  • Access your software from anywhere in the world

Easy to Use

ExpertHealth comes with exceptionally excellent cloud-based software that is easy to operate. It doesn’t require anyone to follow hard and fast rules. The software can smoothly run without any errors or issues.

Clinicians and patients can access the appointment schedule, clinician’s availability, specialists’ names and book their appointment conveniently. On the contrary, clinicians can manage the bookings and can create a precise record.

Simple Online Appointments

Specialist clinics can get the following benefits by using our software:

  • Portable Software for Bookings
  • Your Specialist is just a click away
  • Personalized Instructions
  • List all the services
  • Access the Clinic Schedules

Hospital Management

ExperHealth’s customized software solutions can let clinicians, hospital staff and patients get traces and records of each booking and transaction. Our online system can manage all the hospital bookings and provide a multi-dimensional platform for users to enjoy various features.

ExperHealth provides a platform to hospital management to view all the booking details, patients’ names and addresses, and record each patient to ensure security. Interestingly, patients can also access future bookings, and clinicians at the same time can efficiently manage all the future reservations.

The Easiest Way to Keep a Record

  • Make future bookings
  • Track all the reservations
  • User friendly, intuitive and has easy usability and operability
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity ability embedded with high elasticity and availability
  • Treatments and prescriptions provided by trainee practitioners are authorized by a supervisor before they can take effect
  • Our system can let you manage the schedules of staff, trainees and room bookings with an incorporated SMS reminder capability
  • Enjoy everything with ultimate simplicity